Laser cutting & 3D Printing Tips

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Laser Cutting


  • In general, most acrylic sheets are 3.18mm thick, however always measure the thickness of the sheet you will use because the thickness varies widely
    • This dimension should help with drawings
  • The laser cutter cuts off approximately .07mm of extra plastic when cutting
    • For example, if I were to friction fit a piece of acrylic in another, I should make the width of the hole .14mm smaller than the desired width
    • When trying to achieve a friction fit between a laser cut part and a 3D printed part, no adjustment is needed, as the 3d printer will add a little material.

Laser Cutter

  • Save drawing as Adobe Illustrator file (.ai)
    • Sheet size 600mm x 300mm
    • Remember to make sure you are using a 1:1 scale in the Solidworks drawing
  • In Ai:
    • Vector cut lines should be red = 255, green = 0, blue = 0 (which also means everything must be in RGB mode)
    • Lines should be 0.025 thick or less
  • In Laser Cutter
    • Material - Plastic - Cast Acrylic - Cast Acrylic
    • Material thickness 3.175mm
    • Remember to click apply before OK.


  • Turn the Handibot on
  • Connect to its wifi network (FabMo-xxxxxx)
  • Passord: go2fabmo
  • Use your browser to connect to
    • Username: admin
    • Password: go2fabmo

3D Printing

We need people to help fill this in!

If you make contributions, let your teacher know, so we can record some professionalism points.