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Each student in Engineering 3 has their own wiki page, which will serve two purposes. First, they will publish the complete details of each of their class projects, including pictures, video, computer code. They will include the process they went through, resources used, and lessons learned. The student wikis will also be used to publish regular reflections and writing assignments.

Below are the students currently enrolled in Engineering 3:

2nd Period

Bethany B.

Lucia C.

Edward D.

Miles N.

Samira S.

Charles W.

Vaughn W.

7th Period - Mr. Dierolf

Noah B.

Camden E.

Samuel E.

Max L.

Aidan M.

Eddy N.

Isaac P.

Quinton R.

Arleth S.

Monique S.

Wyatt S.

Anabel S.

Marcus T.

Elijah T.

David W.

Benjamin Y.

Cade Y.

7th Period - Dr. Shields

Jaleom A.

Adrian A.

Shaun B.

Quincy E.

Nashiem G.

Jamez L.

Nicalas M.

Chris N.