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Seanan is definitely a pretty cσol guy. I might fix broken links when I see them in my travels through the archives, or leave a certain sign of my presence, either way, I visit random pages, and leave stuff sometimes. I like consuming eggs, and I need to find something better to do.

Probably has a problem with using this button, this button, and this button. Likes all sorts of things, pretty open about trying new things. Messes around with writing, drawing, and coding occasionally. Bizarre things, such as esoteric programming languages interest me.

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If you can tell me what this is then you get something maybe. (Where "something" is bragging rights)

Engineering 2

My Projects

Seanan and Eliza's Ultrasonic robot

Seanan and Eliza's PID box


Seanan's Engineering Notebook

Seanan's Compendium of Curiosities.