'''Arduino to Processing'''

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This assignment was really challenging at times , but also was a fun activity to do. Basically the whole assignment was to use your Arduino skills and Processing skills to combine both into one big assignment. A few minor adjustments were following the directions given and just adding my own information. We also use a Potentiometer to control the movement of the line and count from 0 to 1023.


I ran into a lot of obstacles on this assignment , and a lot of them were just my fault. Many obstacles was my processing code took a minute for me to gather the correct information and later on took me a minute to finish the whole thing.


A computer

The 2 Arduino programs; Arduino , Sublime text 2 and Processing

A few wires

A Breadboard with an Arduino

A potentiometer.


Processing capture.PNG

Arduino capture.PNG


Capture1 of processing.PNG

Capture2 of processing.PNG

Capture3 of processing.PNG